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Offering a variety of opportunities in Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-Care.

About mindfulBliss

Michelle’s calm, welcoming presence will immediately put you at ease. Her realistic approach helps clients create a system that works while life is still happening around them.


In a busy life of caring for others,

we tend to neglect to nurture ourselves.


Like many of her clients, Michelle is a busy mom, entrepreneur, and wife. She knows how essential meditation and mindfulness is as a tool to maintain her desired work/life balance. Helping busy individuals and families create mindful routines that are simple, flexible, and attainable is Michelle’s superpower.


The power to create peace exists within each of us.


Inquisitive and curious, Michelle’s love of learning, leads her to peel back the layers and seek a deeper understanding of any given situation. Again, Michelle has seen the personal value that meditation and mindfulness have brought to her own life and she thrives to share these simple gifts with every individual. 

Allow your life to be filled with your version of mindfulBliss.

I look forward to working with you soon.  Yours in wellness, 
Michelle Breede

Experience mindfulBliss

mindfulBliss is here to create space for YOU...

calm, relaxed, open space all focusing on you finding your BLISS, your way.


Give yourself permission to slow down, observe how you feel, evaluate what you need, and choose how to move forward in a way that resonates with who you are and how you want to show up in life.


Offer yourself patience and grace,

even when the journey feels long and winding.


Meditation and Mindfulness give you the opportunity to connect to your quiet self. When we allow for space between moments, thoughts, and everything else that we are experiencing in normal life, we begin to see the beauty in our perfectly, imperfect selves and our full lives.


When we become friends with our innermost self,

we can realize that we are pretty awesome

- just as we are.

Michelle creates a positive community by holding space for you to feel empowered even amidst the most vulnerable moments of personal mind, body, and soul exploration.  By opening gently to ourselves, we then create space to open to others, creating a safe community, growing together, and building your ideal support system. As clients stay connected, inspired, and accountable, Michelle sees a ripple effect where the benefits experienced by each individual also improve life for the world around them.

The mission of mindfulBliss is to give you space to

find your calm, inner joy, and connection to yourself and a loving, healing community.


Blissful Offerings

mindfulBliss so excited to be in the midst of creating a beautiful online Membership.  This membership will be filled with amazing meditation and mindfulness courses, guided meditations, daily activities, personal exploration worksheets, live online events, and so much more right at your fingertips. 
Sign up for the mindfulBliss Community newsletter to gain early access to the beta-membership coming in September.  Allow mindfulBliss to help you find your bliss-filled today.
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mindfulBliss is excited to answer your questions.  Please reach out below and we will respond to you soon.  Have a Blissful day.

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